Jamie’s Deli

Jamie's Deli

Jamie’s Deli started life in 2016, designed by Jamie Oliver to up the game in airport food. It was all about bringing fresh, sustainably sourced and healthy choices that can be served super quickly-into an environment that’s traditionally dominated by fast food. We took the same principles of affordable and accessible food and brought our deli concept to the high street, catering for people in a hurry or, equally, those with more time to kill.

Jamie’s Deli is all about good, rustic food that’s always fresh and responsibly sourced, served fast. It takes grab-and-go food to a new level – top quality salads, hot deli items, artisan pizza, sandwiches, and pastries that you can eat on the fly if you’re in a rush, or sit down and enjoy in a relaxed, comfortable environment if you’ve got time to kill” (Jamie).