英國名廚Jamie Oliver旗下的意大利餐廳Jamie’s Italian,8個月內在港再開第2分店,落戶於尖沙咀海港城,正聘請近百人。Jamie’s Italian的香港代理Big Cat Group香港行政總裁William Lyon透露,5年將內再開第三間餐廳。其香港代理透露,5年內會在港再開設第3間分店,更準備於1至2年內進軍上海、北京及台北。餐廳生意理想,成功秘訣靠兩招:食物質素及內部鼓勵文化。餐廳每天設「pre-chef」簡介讓員工試菜,全數小費予員工分享,侍應因而最高月入可達3萬元,較市價高近倍。brings, I am confident we will handle it. How do you unwind at the end of a long day? I like to take my two dogs for a walk, or if time permits a hike over Violet hill to Stanley. Its great exercise for the dogs (and me!) and

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Jamie’s Italian finally hits Hong Kong with design inspiration alluding to the neighbourhood’s historical days as a fishing village. The famous brand of Jamie Oliver which started in Oxford in 2008 has grown to more than 30 restaurants worldwide in countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, UK, and Singapore.